Information About Dwarf Palmetto

Information About Dwarf Palmetto

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Dwarf Palm Info – How To Grow Dwarf Palmetto Plants

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Dwarf palmetto plants are small palms that are native to the southern U.S. and thrive in warm climates. They can act as understory palms for taller trees or as focal points in beds and gardens. These diminutive palms are easy to care for too. Learn more here.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto grows wild in Florida's natural areas, but it's also a useful plant for home landscapes throughout the state.

This native plant tolerates a range of conditions and provides wonderful textural interest beneath new or established trees. And it's highly salt-tolerant, making it ideal for coastal gardening. (It is important to note however, if you live in an area that needs to practice firewise landscaping, saw palmetto is not a good plant choice.)

Known scientifically as Serenoa repens, saw palmetto is native to the Southeast and can be found growing as far north as South Carolina and as far west as Texas.

Evergreen Trees

  • *Chamaecyparis thyoides – White Cedar
  • *Gordonia lasianthus – Loblolly Bay
  • Ilex cassine – Dahoon
  • Ilex opaca – American Holly
  • Magnolia grandiflora – Southern Magnolia
  • *Magnolia virginiana – Sweet Bay
  • *Pinus elliotti – Slash Pine
  • *Pinus taeda – Loblolly Pine
  • Sabal palmetto – Cabbage Palm

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